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Game on!

With superfast broadband, online games will run quicker and the connection will be so much more reliable.

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Stay in touch

Chat to your friends, family and colleagues wherever they are in the world though HD video calling services like Skype or Facetime.

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Streaming - as smooth as silk

Popular online services like Netflix or Spotify work beautifully with superfast broadband. It’s time to say ‘bye bye’ to buffering and ‘farewell’ to frozen screens.

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Everybody do your thing

With superfast broadband your family can do the weekly shopping from the kitchen table, watch Hollywood blockbusters and download new songs whenever they want. They can upload  videos and photos to social media sites in seconds or play games with friends all over the world – all at the same time

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Lancashire families love superfast

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Cath Pye

Cath Pye and her husband Graham from Lytham Quays near Blackpool are happy to confirm that access to the internet - through faster, fibre broadband - has changed their lives for the better Says Cath: “We’d started using the internet more frequently and then saw that superfast broadband was available in the Lytham Quays area. We both said ‘right, we’ll go for that’, and we haven’t looked back. I have to say having a fast, reliable connection has been a life-line.” “Especially when I was stuck indoors, recuperating from a broken leg,” adds Cath.


Cath Pye

C Aindow 1 536X372

Stuart Williams-White

Within a few hours of being switched on to fibre broadband I downloaded a whole new music catalogue. I just love being superfast. It’s made my life easier and, quite frankly, more enjoyable.''

Stuart Williams-White lives in Buckshaw Village near Leyland with his partner, Christian. By day, Stuart works as operations manager for a large local firm.

It wasn’t so long ago that the couple’s love of listening to music at home was heavily restricted their 1.5Mbps broadband download speed.

Stuart Williams-White, Buckshaw Village, Lancashire

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