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Every business relies on data. With superfast broadband it’s easier to protect these valuable assets and resources. You can feel confident that your critical data is backed-up and recoverable in an instant.

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Petre Dental Surgery

"Superfast broadband has allowed our practice to do so many things we couldn’t do before. We’ve become both more efficient and more creative as a business. Really, I haven’t looked back since I got it.''
Colin Cromie BDS BSc, Clinical Director, Petre Dental Surgery

Petre Dental is an independent general dental practice located in Accrington.

It offers its patients a full choice of dental procedures including orthodontics, hygiene, oral surgery, dentures, implants, tooth whitening, crown and bridge, cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics, as well as general dentistry.

In addition, the practice provides corporate plans for businesses in and around the Accrington area and runs courses for other dentists and nurses on its premises.

The challenge

A year ago, Clinical Director, Colin Cromie, was experiencing a great deal of frustration with the internet connection speeds he and his team were getting at the surgery.

He explains: “Speeds were no better than 2Mbps which meant performing critical data back-ups to the cloud was really slow and unreliable. And when we tried to host some educational webinars – an attempt to move some of our courses online – we were at the mercy of a broadband connection that was at best, temperamental.”

The solution

Colin signed up for fibre broadband with his internet service provider as soon as it became available in the Accrington area and in his words he “hasn’t looked back since.”

He says: “Now we are in a position to begin doing more webinar versions of the courses we have traditionally run from the practice. This will open up new markets for our business in a way that wasn’t possible before.”

Representing his surgery, Colin also signed up for the free Business Support programme* offered to eligible businesses by Superfast Lancashire. “Going on the Business Support programme has been a real eye opening experience,” he says. “For example, the sessions on social media for business have been particularly fruitful. They’ve given me a lot of confidence around using social media more effectively. The surgery has always had a Facebook presence, but now I feel I can use it more professionally and equipped to go deeper into things like Facebook promotion and advertising.”

“As a result we’ve seen traffic to our website increase by six and a half thousand per cent and our Facebook ads are reaching upwards of 30,000 people. Going on the course was one of the best investments of my time ever.”

*The programme is run by a team of specialists to advise small and medium-sized businesses across the county how to use the new technology to enhance their business.

To understand the economic impact of the Superfast Lancashire Business Support programme we commissioned Edge Hill University to complete research with businesses in the programme.   

The results of the study show just how significant and positive the programme has been. For example, 1/3 of all Lancashire businesses completing the programme had safeguarded at least 1 full time job.   

Read the full report here.


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